American Company with headquarters in Ft.Myers Florida, EmCyte is nowadays recognized asworldwide leader in the research and development of systems to be used in the rapid and safepreparation of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Genesis cs system developped by EmCyte allows the clinicians to obtain PRP of the highest qualityfrom a small sample of blood at the patient's point of care. Platelet Rich Plasma obtained with EmCyte Genesis system represents the ideal healing treatmentusing rigenerative factors. It can be easily used in a variety of surgical applications: In Cardio-thoracic surgery as an important aid to sternal healing or in the prevention of medistinitis. It can be used be used in any procedures where thereis the need to treat difficult-to-heal wounds. Genesis cs PRP has shown great effects in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. Platelet Rich Plasma is also consider at the forefront of aesthetic medicine in the air reconstructivetreatment and in skin rejuvenation. Genesis Cs offers thus a complete solution to PRP therapies and it canbe used with great efficacy inCardio-thoracic surgery, in the treatment of diabetic foot and in aesthetic medicine.